Why Dastavez-ECM

Business users may design business processes in days rather than months thanks to the modeler. You can add your forms, users, data connectors, and other components by modeling and dropping tasks and decision points onto the modeling canvas. The Dastavez-ECM modeler is BPMN 2.0 compliant, intuitive, and powerful

Extend Legacy Systems

Connect to existing third-party systems via API and dramatically improve the way people work. You'll generate much greater value from the same data.

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Embed powerful workflow into your application

Looking to embed world-class workflow into your existing solution? Let's talk. Our white label and OEM program is built to help software partners deliver on the workflow needs of their customers.


Workflow Automation

Process experts reside in every department. They want an easy-to-use, yet robust process automation technology that can be quickly adapted and customized as enterprise processes change.

robotic automation

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) can complete this path toward digital transformation, which is the current trend for achieving your desired ROI.
With the simplicity and speed of conventional RPA, the Dastavez-ECM Robotic Process Automation offering enables you to scale up the automation of more business and IT operations. Software robots, often known as bots, may act on AI insights to finish jobs instantly and help you to achieve digital transformation.

business rules

Business Rules

Complex business logic can be automated by Dastavez-ECM, which makes daily operational decisions easier. Business users may easily create rules-based decision models and implement them on-premises or in the cloud as a result. End-users of Dastavez-ECM receive: Strong Rule Engine: Implements business rules as quickly and widely as possible.
Customers can design and test decision models using Graphical Explorer before deploying them.

digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation refers to the adoption of the digital-first customer, business partner, and employee experiences that are motivated by market demand and powered by technology.
To acquire a competitive edge and radically change how you provide value to clients, create a digital-first company strategy. Utilize the business strategy and technological know-how of Dastavez-ECM to hasten your digital transformation process.

"Our journey has been tremendous in exploring and innovating new ideas and processes for digitalization. We have learnt a lot, by developing value added scalable business software’s , clients have become more prudent and profitable to the everchanging technology."