Dastavez-ECM Document Management

Document Management System

Utilize various access points and shared data sets to interact with data in the most natural way possible access to the same data across many protocols with Dastavez-ECM Document Management Prebuilt Connectors Utilize the adaptability to manage different kinds of data, including unstructured, semi-structured, and structured.

Workflow of Document Management System

DMS are computer applications that offer functions that are beneficial for implementing a document workflow, such as:
• Project management involves allocating work to certain team members.
• Centralize your communication and work together in one workplace using collaboration tools.
• Integrating tools and apps that your team already utilizes seamlessly.
• Automate internal procedures and repetitive chores with a few clicks.
• Manage and control all of your workflows in one location with DMS workflow management.
• Visualize pertinent data about your documents using data visualization (e.g., usage, document creation, contributions, etc.)


Low-Code DMS (Document Management System) Insights

Create and manage documents, use workflows to automate business processes, incorporate compliant governance and retention features that are invisible to users, and then take it a step further by utilizing AI and our low-code platform to get more value from your documents and gain access to the knowledge they contain.

Insurance Companies reshaping through Process Automation

Insurance companies can quickly create campaigns for specific client segments and distribution channels and dynamically choose the most appropriate offer, particular treatment, best timing, and the best channel to engage with customers.
• After making the first investment in automating the claims journey, the cost of the procedure is significantly reduced.
• Automated claims to process aids in providing customers with more effective services.
• Routine duties like sorting through paperwork or answering claims calls are handled by technology. Hence, you may concentrate on your business goals.

AI (Automation Intelligent ) Powered Banking Industry

A full-stack solution that comprises both hardware and software, AI as a platform—is the secret to effective AI implementation. The installation of a shared, centralized infrastructure for AI reduces the total cost of ownership through effective use of computing and storage resources, consolidates knowledge, productivity, and scale, and shortens the life cycle from development to deployment. Businesses that successfully integrate AI into their operations have an extra advantage that sets them apart: they start to attract the top talent in the world.

Intelligence Data Process Automation Changing Fast-moving Consumer Goods

Retail brands can rapidly and effectively set up the automation solutions they require thanks to no-code intelligent automation platforms like Dastavez ECM. Each brand has a unique approach to product launches, marketing campaigns, and customer connections that off-the-shelf equipment may not always be able to support. Brands may benefit from a rare combination of comprehensive DIY capabilities, a wide range of features, deep intelligence capabilities, and unmatched customization capabilities with platforms like Dastavez ECM at a total cost of ownership that is simple to justify based on the value given. Thus, without the assistance of developers, retailers can construct their own unique, feature-rich intelligent automation procedures.